On Authenticity…

We’ve spent countless hours in recent weeks discussing the methods and models being deployed to transform places for the better. From maker-spaces to co-work spaces to community centers to labs to pop-ups, from private to public, indy spaces to trendy spaces. You name it, we’re looking at it. And it’s inspiring. Many of the projects we’re studying are seeing great results and having noteworthy impact.

But as we wrap up a solid week in Philadelphia, (and say farewell to our temporary “local spot”, the Reading Terminal Market) we’re humbly reminded that civic hubs need not always be manufactured. We’re reminded to seek and find the extraordinary in the ordinary. To look up and around. To explore the seemingly obvious, everyday places that inherently forge connections. To find the places that transcend socioeconomic barriers without even trying.

How, when and why do these places exist and moreover, what can we learn from them? There’s a story worth telling.